Say "goodbye" to the obsolete way of doing business and "hello" to TITLELINK™ - our web-based platform that allows you to order settlement services & track recordings effortlessly and efficiently, all from the comfort of any internet-ready computer.  Our platform is designed to maximize production, minimize confusion, all while providing the you with the most comprehensive user interface on the market.

Search our vendor marketplace and choose the service provider of your choice for the various services we offer.  All of our affiliates are professionally licensed and insured and best of all, you deal directly with them!  TITLELINK™ simply helps you to manage those vendor relationships while forcing them to adhere to a higher level of customer service:

Utilizing our cutting-edge technology, our vendors are able to electronically deliver title work with ease.  Complex timers and triggers ensure that your orders are delivered in a timely manner.  Best of all, your E-Abstract will be available online, complete with copies for your viewing or future use.

E-Surveys are electronically delivered much in the same way E-Abstracts are. Simply choose your surveyor from the marketplace and your order will be available online from any internet-ready computer.

Document Recording and Problem Resolution
Document recording is a science all to itself.  While it's not brain surgery, it still takes a certain amount of knowledge and skill from the recorder to help facilitate getting instruments recorded.  This is why all document recording is done in-house.

Our staff carefully combs each package for potential issues that would hinder recording prior to taking it to the courthouse.  If we can fix it, we fix it.  If not, we carefully and meticulously explain what steps need to be taken by your staff to get the documents recorded.  All communication is done through TITLELINK™ to ensure accurate record keeping and reporting.

HUD-1 Verification
Save face and avoid costly mistakes by having our staff review your HUD-1 before settlement.  All of our staff have been thoroughly trained in the rules and regulations of each of the 24 counties in the State of Maryland.  We make sure that all of the recording fees and taxes are escrowed properly BEFORE settlement to avoid those embarrassing situations.  We offer accurate service with a fast turn-around time.  We offer a 100% guarantee or you don't pay so you have nothing to lose.  This service is for Maryland residential real estate transactions only.

"We knew that if we were to compete effectively in the title industry, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company."
- Monzella Owings, Esq
                     Integrity Title, LLC
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