The title industry has changed and the smart companies are changing with it.  Don't fall behind the times.

Utilize our technology to propel your company into the future.

Titletek has been implementing solutions for title companies for years.  Let us transform your company.

Large and growing title companies are relying more and more on infrastructure to keep their operations running smoothly. Satisfying customers takes efficient, responsive professional services; here's a snapshot of what Titletek can do for you:
  • Streamline your Document Recording Process
  • Centralize Postclosing Processes Across Multiple Offices
  • Document Recording in MD/DC/VA with Industry Leading Turn-Times
  • Improve Current Vendor Relationships Using our Web-Based Technology
  • Automate Vendor Management

We Are Recording Infrastructure Specialists Providing Proven Solutions To The Title Industry
We are recording infrastructure specialists. Let us turn your postclosing processes into a unified and efficient, well-oiled machine.

We are attorney-owned and our approach to service gives us a unique advantage in providing turnkey solutions for single and multi-office title companies.  Established in 2005 and online since 2007, we have built our company on the premise that helping title companies stay on the cutting-edge is the new frontier in the way services are provided to the title industry.  Whether it's implementing our own in-house developed recording management software TITLELINK™ into your existing workflow, or utilizing our network of recorders to record your land instruments with our industry leading turn-times, Titletek is poised and positioned to help your company reach the next level.
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